INSOMNIA I Missing pages are blocking me ! Can you help me pls ??

Good morning,
I am facing a huge issue that could be easily solve if only I could find someone that could give a hand.
My webmaster have a Wordpress website to create and we have downloaded trough our Envato Element subscription the INSOMNIA template for WP.

The issue I have is that we have installed it but we are missing PAGE ELEMENTS + ALL MANSORY BLOG page.

Do you know a way out of that hole ? I have been contacting Envato many times but I still have no answer. I was just given the advice to create a support ticket, this was the answer to my first support ticket…

I hope you can give me a hand, I have to solve this asap.
Have a good day and thanks for reading me.

Safy (France)


You will find helpful information about Envato Elements Item Support From Here

Still have any question open a Envato Elements Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.


Thanks for your answer.
I have already created an ticket (waiting…).
I have looked at your link too, I really hope that I won’t have to purchase from the market the template I already have trough my Envato Element subscription in order to obtain the missing pages I am desperatly looking for.
I have wrote to the author, maybe I’ll have an anwer. If so, I’ll come back and update this forum.
Thank you. Still stuck but I least someone is reading me…I feel like a voiceless screamer for help right now.

Generally Envato Market Author Didn’t Give Support For Envato Elements Item.
Envato Support Team Will Provide You Support For You Issues.
My opinion no worry about it hope your issue will be solved.


OK then. I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for you thought.

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