Insert tag P and span

Hello sir, how can i insert tag p and span cus in theme Yoona i can’t insert it.
Please help to reply

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Can you give us a code example? Are you trying to insert html code into widgets?

Btw, you can also get in touch with the author of the Yoona theme (as you know, when you purchase a theme, it comes with 6 months support included)

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Yes i have buy this theme: Yoona Theme. but when i insert p and span in html code it’s can’t work:

After save it’s like this

My solution for this problem is the plugin “TinyMCE Advanced”. It comes with an advanced function named: Keep paragraph tags.

Please let me know if everything is fine now :slight_smile:

it’s work for tag P but Tag Span not work

Seems that you are right, the spans are still removed after saving.

There is also a fix for this problem, by override the mce options. Take a look at this stackoverflow post. All you need to do is to copy this code into your functions.php file, inside your theme.

function override_mce_options($initArray) {
    $opts = '*[*]';
    $initArray['valid_elements'] = $opts;
    $initArray['extended_valid_elements'] = $opts;
    return $initArray;
} add_filter('tiny_mce_before_init', 'override_mce_options');

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OK. Thanks

Hello sir,

How about Button Book Now on home page i want to change link. how can i
change it.


What is the “Book Button”? You didn’t provided any url


Button: Book Now on home page i want to use this link:




For Room each room ( when they click for detail i want show like this:
How can i do?


As I see you are using the “Yoona - Hotel & Resort WordPress Template”, In this case you should check the documentation of the theme or contact the author and ask how to do this.

Basically you need to check if there any options in Theme Options Panel or edit some templates, but to be sure my suggestion is to reach the author of the theme.