Insert Images and Videos in .Mogrt Templates - with an app!

It is the app which helps us inserting images and videos in .Mogrt templates without After effects. This will extend .mogrt templates to incredible level and we will see very soon this feature will boost motion graphic templates sales.

Now Logo Reveals, Social Media Stories Pack, Photo Galleries, Product Promotions and everything else will be simplified, especially for those who do not have or want use After Effects.

a short example: Getting Started

You’ve just promoted your template here what is forbidden.

If you’d like to show this method only you should put only that one WORKING link of adding pics/vids inside PP. But it’s broken anyway - so it’s a pure self promotion here

This does not allow to change Images inside Premiere, this allows to upload a mogrt and let your script change the mogrt file, then download the mogrt again that is still not editable but has the images changed and all of that for a ridiculously high price (and it’s a subscription as well)

The next update to Creative Cloud will most probably have the feature built in. In the meantime, this is a bad solution. It is better to include a tutorial that shows how to switch out the images in After Effects for free.

Well I don’t see which link is broken, and if you think I in purpose self promoted here you are totally wrong - so right away I’m removing my work.

Has anyone mentioned changing images inside Premiere?

Your created topic is going to under self-promote that is against the envato forum rules

Hope will not happen in future.