Insane import mode on woozone freezes no error msg

I am looking for help with Insane import mode on woozone freezes no error msg.

I am looking for any advice thank you.


Are you using the WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates - Wordpress Plugin ? The author @AA-Team may have a suggestion.



Please open a ticket on
My guess is that your website runs out of memory and that’s why it freezes. What’s your memory limit?


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I contacted my host and told them to up my memory up to the max so i am not sure what the issue is.

i know my php.ini is 512mb

My wp memory is 256

I have the latest version of woozone and all supporting plugins.

I have not had any support from anyone and I cannot open a ticket because my support has expired

I will not continue to pay for extended support when products do not work.


I recently had the same issue while trying to import a large database dump using a plugin, on a client website.

Maybe this will help you too:

  1. Most servers have a default maximum execution time of 30 seconds. In your case, it might be the case and you might want to increase this value. This is the solution:

  2. If solution 1) doesn’t work, it means there might be an insufficient memory error. The solution is here:

  3. This solution worked for me.
    If your server is a LightSpeed server, the solution is to set a parameter which tells the server to not make connection timouts. To do this, add in a .htaccess file (the .htaccess file should be in the same folder level with wp-config.php file in your WordPress installation folder) these lines:

Screenshot-2018-2-11 Request timeout

You can copy-paste the code from the last reply in this thread:

If none of these work, you’ll still have to contact plugin support as it might be also something specific to it.

My apologies, AA-Team for interfering, but I scratched my head with this type of error too, recently (not with your plugin) and I know how frustrating this can be.

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