Inquiry Regarding Rejection of React.js File

Hi There,

I hope this message finds you well. I would like to inquire about the rejection of our file. We had an agreement for collaboration on a React.js version that was intended to be created and sold through my account. However, I created and uploaded it in the Next.js file category.

Could you please provide information on the reason for the rejection, especially considering the difference in categories ReactJs and NextJs?

I think ReactJS and Next.js are the same file.

Looking forward to your response

Thank you.

Please, share the item demo URL

Here you go xxx

Already converted to a ReactJS file, and resubmitted under the ReactJS category.

What’s the link for the original item? Assuming it’s on Envato

Here you go xxx

Just create a ticket and request some additional details why the item is rejected but make sure you provide the approved item link as well.

Thank you. Yes, I will. Thanks again for your suggestion :slight_smile:

If you have other items, just add the original link to the “comments” section during the submission and provide the details about the co-operation.

Noted. Thank you. I’ll remember this. Thanks again.