Inquiry about plugin licensing and developer threats

Hello guys,

I have a website that uses an unlicensed copy of a plugin (that one of my developers installed) and today I have received an email that I strongly believe that this is a very dubious practice and against the license that WordPress comes with.

Any thoughts?

We would like to remind you that you are using an unlicensed copy of the Filter Everything PRO plugin.
You can still purchase a license here:

You must purchase a license within two weeks or uninstall our plugin from your [website]

We have prepared the text of a complaint against your website to Google with evidence of the use of malware on it.

We have also launched a procedure for remotely disabling our plugin on your website.
Disabling will happen automatically at June 25, 2024 if the plugin does not contain a license key at that time.

All filters will stop working and the complaint will be sent.

We would not like to take these extreme steps and hope for your understanding and decency.
Please make your decision.

Best regards.
Filter Everything PRO team.

I’m not that au fait with the rules when it comes to the license that Wordpress comes with and the contact you received, but just want to clarify… you have at least now purchased a valid license for the plugin, so that the threat doesn’t become a reality, and you’ve done the right thing on your end?