Inquiry about my song used for phone hotline service...?

If they want to use it for a phone hotline all over their international company for all numbers and hotlines (I’m assuming as hold music) what license do they buy and do they have to buy a new license to every number?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Does anyone have some info for me? Thanks!

Hi @PhilLarson! That’s very interesting…Maybe this licence depends on the number of callers to the service, like broadcast…Or maybe enough a Music Standart Licence…difficult question of course. But maybe they need to Creative Commons Licence… Sorry, I don’t now answer this question, this is my thoughts…:slight_smile:

I think it may be BroadCast and film ? or not ?

Better to contact tech support about this request. Last time with similar request, i realised we had no appropriate licenes for this. That’s why i asked about multy-use license, which could be priced higher than Film and Broadcast.

yes it is better to contact the support! )

Thanks, all. It is indeed an interesting situation. Waiting on support to get back to me…

And this is what I got from support… This is why I sometimes get a little wary going through support… (yes, I asked an audio question, not a website one.)

Some general information that might help:

Below are some specifics on our 2 licenses -

If you’re making a website for yourself, get a regular license
If you’re making a website so you can sell the result to someone else, get a regular license
If you’re going to charge a fee to enter the website, get an extended license
If you’re selling products with an integrated shopping cart, get a regular license
If you need to use the same item for another website, get another regular license.
The need for an extended license versus a regular license will depend on how the end product will be distributed.

Regular licenses are meant for items used in end products that are accessible without extra fees. In the case of websites, it applies to sites which visitors can access free of charge. This includes eCommerce sites, as visitors pay for the physical products and services available, which the theme/template is not implemented into, and not actually for access to the site.

Extended licenses allow you to use the item in an end product which in turn is sold, with the authors permission. If the site charges a membership or a fee to be able to access content/functionality, then, an extended license is required. The perfect example for this would be an eLearning website, where people are charged to access content/courses in the site.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

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Well, do they know we DO NOT HAVE extended licenses anymore?

I mean, it’s okay. I think she was confused and thought I was speaking about a TF issue? I was pretty clear it was about one of my songs…? Anyway, we all make mistakes, but these clients are wanting some answers so I’m feeling a little under the gun and anxious.