Inquire about the availability of application


I would like to inquire about the availability of application that allow multi vendor for consultation. my idea is to connect trainers/ instructors with students so they can answer their questions/ problems/ deliver review session based on the selection criteria and ratings of trainers. CV uploading of trainers, past experience are also required to help students to choose their trainer.
do we have something similar?
thank you so much

You won’t find something that specific in a stock marketplace.

If you have a realistic budget then you could look for a freelancer on

Thanks for your prompt response.
Do you think that fiverr model/ application can work on this business?

Done properly this would be thousands of $ so anything from somewhere like those sites is going to be a very budget solution and unlikely to work properly.

There is also some pretty serious security and hosting investment/considerations to think about.

Even if you found a stock app using that type of functionality (bear in mind the example you shared above are multi million $ websites so not comparable), you will definitely need to write in custom filtering based on your original brief which is going to men’s further custom work, more amends to the core code etc which means more cost and more potential for conflict.

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thank you again so much.