information on a template

Good evening to everyone
I hope I did not have a wrong place. I wanted to understand how to ask for information on a template that I wanted to buy. Also going in the Users area I can not find the way to contact the Author to ask two simple questions:

  1. if that site is compatible with HTTPS
  2. if the site has a long initial slide all the page (which I do not see in the demo)

The template is:

Thank you

Use this form to comment on that item -

Or you can use this form to contact with that author here -


I think every site is compatible with HTTPS
you can contact with that item author they will help you to solved your issue

contacting link are already given @mixturethemes

try that

from the link provided I can not find the way to talk directly with the author. leads me back to mixturethemes, but I do not see it
Thank you

Click on the second link and send a message using that form or use the author’s social links to contact with him at social sites located at right bottom. See the screenshot below.

I forget about that link posting