Hi guys I am an author of Audio Jungle. I wanted to ask you a question. I can download the preview of a video (Logo) add a music for the logo made by me and propose it on fiver. The video would be just an example while the work I would go to do is only the audio one. Quoting the author, is it possible or not?

nobody knows the answer?

I’m not sure if you can provide services related to your tracks on the fiverr if you are an exclusive author

I have two accounts one non-exclusive

the question is whether I can use the videos

If this is just an example and you leave a link to the project, then the author of the project will be gladly. But best of all, ask the author to be 100% sure

If you buy a regular license you can do that without attribution.

Just using the preview and leaving a link is a grey-area, some authors may be fine with the exposure but you do use their work commercially so a regular license should be purchased.