Info plugin filter

Hi, I need to create a new project online.
The theme I would like to use is AVADA (
I want to insert thousands of local stores to promote the blackfriday and offers during the year.
I want your advice as I’m not an expert.
I’m interested in having a fast and completely responsive theme.
It is important to have a plugin capable of filtering offers and stores in real time by title (a-z), categories, provinces (a-z), cities (a-z) and due date, etc.
These filters must be in horizontal at the top of the page.
They must be beautiful and colorful.
I don’t care about any map to insert.
Below on the home page I then insert a plugin dedicated to the events.

What interests me is to have a plugin that filters quickly and accurately. Is there a plugin that can do all this? Is there a plugin that can create all the filters at will?
Thanks, I look forward to your advice also for any other topic.

PS: It must be like this page with horizontal filters above, similar to this

Sorry for my English.
Marco (Italy)