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Hi there,
it’s the first time that I purchase a song for a video of my company.

I would like to know if you can help me to choose the type of licence to use.

Our video is a presentation of a brand new item, should be transmitted to some clients and published on youtube, no more.

Does the “Music Standard License” can fit my needs?


Hi Nicolò,

Yes, the standard license is the correct choice for your situation.

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Thanks for your reply,
let me ask a couple of question more, if in the future something will change, I can upgrade the type of license?
I need only to purchase the song, it’s not necessary to subscribe a monthly plan or something like that.

Thanks again.

If you find in the future that the use will change - for example, your presentation being broadcast on television or radio - you would then need to purchase a broadcast license.

An ongoing subscription is not necessary, your license for the project will be valid forever. Note that you would need to purchase an additional license if you were to use the track for a different project.

I hope that helps!

Absolutely clear.