Info for a Portal

First of all I apologize for my bad english.
I need an advice.
The company I work with has a portal that I consider not aesthetically beautiful, I want to take advantage of this smart working period to try to set up a new and more modern one.
The portal structure will be divided into several sections, on the home page I have to publish the screams of the articles that to read them you have to click on them to open the page of the same.
Always on the Home page I have to insert, before the articles, a moving slide with the banners of the companies and a fixed one, always for small banners.
Obviously I will have to insert other banners in the vertical column on the right.
Although for a short time I have been able to use wordpress discreetly, but I am in total confusion regarding the choices of the theme and the related plugins, now I turn to you who are surely more experienced than me for advice on which theme and which plugin use, can you advise me?
I await your comments.
Thank you