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hi everyone, I wanted information on how to upload photos to the after effects / video hive project. it is right to put 1 photo preview 1920x1080 1miniature 80x80 and then a zipped folder with the other photos that I would like to view?

You need to upload 4 files:

1. Preview Image 1920x1080
2. Thumbnail 80x80
3. Video presentation 960x540
4. ZIP file (Collected AE pogect, PDF or Video tutorial, text file with the necessary links to the necessary fonts/music/images)

If you want to put some images in to description below your video presentation, you should upload them anywhere on the internet, and then past them in to description using HTML codes

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Thank you for your answer. I read on envato’s guide,this one:
Preview Image Set
You can provide additional preview images. They must be JPGs no larger than 900x900px , and named in the order that you want them to appear using the following format:
01_preview1.jpg, 02_preview2.jpg, 03_closeup.jpg .
Create a .zip folder containing your additional preview images.“

that’s why I asked you for zipped photos

As I understand it, you saw this information on the Graphicriver Market. After Effects project is not related to the GraphicRiver Market. You need to upload your project to the Videohive Market

so if i inserted a zipped file with photos, will my project be rejected?z

I don’t think that this could be the reason of rejection if your project is good enough. But why do you need to include images in a ZIP file? ZIP file is the file that a buyer will receive upon purchase. Why would a buyer need these pictures? :man_shrugging:

I understand…
the project I sent was this:

today they refused me, but, I did not put the watermark and in addition, I had zipped the photos … do you think the refusal was for this?
I think it’s a good idea and done well … but I don’t understand why they keep on refusing

It looks like you are not reading what I answer you. As I said: no!
You don’t need to put the watermark for After Effects projects presentation. It’s necessary only for Stock Footages & Motion Graphics. Moreover, the watermark in these categories is added automatically. This change took effect about a year ago. It was pointless to insert pictures into the ZIP file, but this does not violate any rules and could not affect the rejection of your project. In addition, when there are any technical mistakes in the project, but the project itself is good from the point of view of design and commercial potential, then you get Soft Reject with a request to correct the mistakes. If the project is Hard Rejected, it means that it is not suitable for the market in terms of design quality, has no commercial potential, or is not original and doesn’t bring anything new to the market. To be honest, your project is far from the quality that Envato expects. You can create a new thread where ask other authors to tell you how to improve the quality of your product in the future.

sorry, I had already sent the project, when I asked you for photos. I do not capsicum what is meant by “quality” … do not lose patience with me, please, I am new and I would like to understand. isn’t the quality of the character good?

I don’t lose patience with you. Just it again looks like you are not reading what I answer to you:

Yes,I read and I create new topic,
Thanks for your answer

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