info about project rejected

I’ve submitted this item to codecanyon but was rejected for the quality standard
the demo is this:
my question is: why? what I have to do for the approvation?

thank you

So, you have a PDF to JPG/PNG converter, basically. I think the issue lies with the fact that there are already libraries out there which do this, such as:

With that in mind, unless you have unique features which these free libraries do not provide, the only value in your app is its user interface. And the PHP scripts category is for PHP code, not user interfaces.

That may very well be a major factor in the decision to reject the item. Try to get creative and add more features. Perhaps make it a conversion tool between many different file types, not just PDF to image.

And, let me also give you this advice – many people who look at these types of scripts are often in it for some revenue. This means you’ll want an easy way for them to install ad banners on it. :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks, I understand,
A particularity of this project is the fact that is javascript based and the images processing is client-side. This in my opinion was a big advantage, because the pdf upload on the server is not required, but probably I have not explainted it on the reviewer. Or probably not enough.
In any case, thank you

Ah, is this a JavaScript item? I assumed it was a PHP script, sorry. Still though, there are JS libraries out there as well.