Influencers using video that has music from audiojungle


I’m a video editor and I did created a product video for a client.
They uploaded the video to their youtube channel (added the purchase information and its ok.)

But they also have influencers that they work with and who want to talk about the product and show the video in their youtube videos/streams. What kind of license covers this? Do the influencers still have to add the license/purchase information so that they can have monetization on?

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The license does not cover potential third-party end-users. The license is good for one end-product and would thus be valid for the original video only. Any other video would require its own license.

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So would I need the broadcast license or it does not matter?

None of the licenses cover sub-licensing to third-party users.

Your issue is similar to video game publishers and gamer Youtubers. Those Youtubers have to have a license for all copyrighted assets put in their own content. If not, they often choose to leave the music out. It would me the same for the influencers of your client.

Okay, last question.

If we let top 10 influencers buy the same track from audiojungle then it would be ok?

Not sure I understand your question, but if they buy a license for the track, then yes they can absolutely use the music.

If you are asking whether those 10 licenses for the top ten influencers would also cover lesser influencers as well, like some sort of cover-all blanket, then the answer is no. Those lesser influencers would require their own license as well.