Infinite Scrolling Help

I am very novice so if anyone can help, I will need to know exactly where to put the code into the html. I have searched and tried multiple coding, but nothing has worked for me and maybe I was just putting things in the wrong place. I am looking to do two things to a tumblr site I have started to build out. A sample of the site can be found here:

  1. add infinite scrolling so that photos load when you scroll down. This use to and now it has stopped.

  2. remove the “top” button that pops up after you scroll down some on the site, and add a better version of this button - possible an arrow that hovers, and is more user friendly when someone is on the site on their phone.

I truly appreciate any help you can give!

I have the Tumblr infinite scroll option turned on, however it is not working with the current code below. It use to when I used this theme on a previous site, not sure what changes were made that it doesn’t work anymore. Here is the complete code that shows when I log into Tumblr to edit. Infinite scroll code in close to the top.

{Title} {block:Description} {/block:Description}



$(window).load(function(){ $(window).load(function(){ $('#posts').infinitescroll({ navSelector : '#footer', // selector for the paged navigation nextSelector : '#footer a:first-child', // selector for the NEXT link (to page 2) \