Indigo 00:32

Do you think that the sax from the end is realistic enough ?

Sorry buddy, it’s not that it doesn’t sound realistic enough, it doesn’t sound realistic at all.
The closest thing this can be used for is the sound of an intoxicated amateur robot sax player.

I’m sorry, but no, it sounds really cheap. The problem with saxophones (and other brass instruments) is they are almost impossible to virtualize. Stay away from them unless you invest in some high end equipment/plugins.

The piano sounds kinda midi-esque as well.

Do you know any free instrument (vst, sample) for FL (piano and sax)?
Thank you very much for your response.

I am agree with Flowsopher & MG analog. You have to work hard :wink: Good luck.

I would avoid free vsti’s for complex instruments such as piano and saxophone. they just don’t sound right.

ok, can you recomand instruments that work with Fruity Loops ?
I’m looking now at kontakt player

I can’t invest too much because right now I don’t have any items approved, so this means I need to learn more, but I wanna make sure that my items aren’t rejected because I use outdated instruments

Thank you

not realistic sax , this is midi voice !

ok, I understand this, can you recomand payed instruments ?

you want sax instruments ? If this , so I do not know ((( I Advise you record in live )))) regards )))

No, let’s say piano and guitar

alicia keys - piano
guitar harmonics - guitar

links please