indiegogo clone

We are looking for a website development like

The website must include all functionalities like indiegogo, inclusiv function of creating a coming soon site.

Differences between our site and indiegogo:

  1. The coming soon site must be a normal campaign site with more space to show more content what is coming next.

  2. Special perks must be able to order on coming soon page (special perks for early backer "pre-launch perks)

  3. The editor to create the campaign page must allow to use more or less all html codes (not only a few like indiegogo)

  4. The editor to create the campaign page must allow to embed things from other websites (may via iframe or via an other solution for example “surveys”)

  5. The editor to create a campaign page must be able to attach “pixel codes” from different websites, like google analytics, facebook, twitter, affiliate networks.

5.1. Affiliate network pixels must work for just one campaign, that the fee of percentage which have to been paid to the affiliate network is just payable if the user buy the perks of the campaigner who add it and not on other campaigns.

“User A” creates a Campaign and use “Affiliate Network B”.
The affiliate “Publisher C” from “Network B” make publishing for the campaign and send a “User D”.
“User D” follows the link from “Publisher C” to the Campaign of “User A”.
But “User D” decide to explore more campaigns and dont buy a perk on the campaign from "User A", he buys by an other campaign. Than "User A" dont have to pay a fee because the supporter was backing a different campaign creator.

  1. The Campaign creator must be able to create 2 different campaigns in the editor.

6.1. The coming soon campaign with special perks

6.2. The main campaign

  1. The website must include different payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe,

  2. Any campaign and coming soon campaign must have a increased function for shares (more networks than on indiegogo)

I didn’t even read the whole text but I’m pretty sure that you’d need a custom work for that.
If you’re interested in, let me know then we can discuss the details

@ki-themes is right.

I did read the whole request and not only will you need a custom build but you will also need a very sizeable budget to support a build with such precise requirements

Thanks for getting in touch.
We are sure that this is not a 100 Dollar production.
But! even we are also not looking to create a blog and we know what we talking about.
So don`t worry about our budget.
We will choose the best price / quality offer which will be offered.

I’d suggest looking on as there are some good freelancers there and it’s a more protected process than random applications via forums. Good luck

I do have studio account as well, if you’d like to work via


You can find similar template and that can be a base for all what you want. It all depends how is that template made . Sometimes is better to make all from scratch that rewrite code from template.
You can contact me and we can discuss about your budget.