Indian Music piece rejected. Mixing Feedback Appreciated



I had a piece of music I sent rejected. However, composition-wise, I’m pretty sure this piece doesn’t fall within the requirements of the website. My previous track had been rejected for the same reason, and this second piece is even more experimental (it even has a section that is improvised). So, composition-wise, I’m pretty sure this one just doesn’t qualify.

However, I’d like some feedback on the mixing, since that also plays a part, and that is the one skill I’m working on the hardest. What do you think of the mix? What stands out to you the most, and how would you change it?



I think it may have taken too long to begin. They mention in the guide that they don’t like long beginnings. As far as the mixing goes, the thing that hits me first is the electronic sitar, or whatever that is… but when the percussion begins, then the feel of the Middle East and all starts.

I know I’m about to have a song of my own rejected very shortly, but do they really not tell people why the songs weren’t accepted? We just have to figure it out on our own?


Thanks for your reply, Stef. As far as to what the site tells me in terms of why my material wasn’t accepted, the e-mail I received on both tracks that were rejected contained the same message, which I’m copy/pasting here:

Thanks for your submission.

After completing our review, we’ve determined that ‘Rama’ isn’t at the quality standard needed to continue forward with the review process on AudioJungle. As the submission is too far off the standards we require, you’ll be unable to re-submit on this occasion.

Comments from your Quality team

This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard either, unfortunately.


See, that’s a little bit vague. Anything I say as to what I think they mean will only be speculation. There are some songs I’ve heard on that sound like they don’t meet the standards that they mention here, but those songs are approved, nonetheless. It would be a bit tacky for me to list examples of such, so just suffice to say that I’ve have heard stuff that didn’t sound to me like they were up to par.

Don’t feel bad, I submitted my first song 24 days ago and I already know it’s going to get tossed. I just hope they can explain in detail why.


Yeah, the best we can make out of this experience is to get some learning so in the future we can post stuff that is up to their standards. However, I should mention that recently another track I posted on a different stock audio website got accepted. So I guess that means I’m not that clueless on how to do this :slight_smile: