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I got TIN number… can i use it in W8 Form…?


I’ve a question. I’ve decided to use the PAN No. under the Foreign Tax ID number. My question is about the address, I do not have a permanent address, as I live on rent. And the address keeps on changing. So, is it okay to use the current address even though it is going to change in the future?


yes you must use your current address…


I am really got confused after reading all replies in this topic…

Can I use Indian pan card number ?


Not sure - we - most of indian authors used PAN - include me :smile:


right now we all are using PAN, but you can get true and correct info after January


Ho Ok. Thanks. but after January ??


I have also used PAN, let’s see what happen after January.


Hi Guys, I am also going to enter pan. Because in our country pan used for tax.


We also used PAN as Foreign Tax ID


Hello surjithctly,

Can i use pan card number for foreign tax id number without any problem ?


Hello pixofx,

How have you get TIN number…?


Yes. You can.

We all did in the same way!


Hi kaaz… did u get ITIN or submitted for it. envato will provide document to IRS. but u know how to submit these from india like irs w-8ben and form 1042-s with our documents. i mean by post or ?
Please reply me


If you go to the settings area of your account, there is a tax information tab where you can submit the required information. This is a digital, online version of the W8 form… so there’s no need to post/fax/scan and email the physical form.


Yes. i have submitted through my page. but i have no tax id, i just selected ‘I will not or am unable to provide a Tax ID Number’. can i use PAN card number as a tax id.

Please help me


Well at least you’ll only get 30% taken on US sales rather than 28% taken on everything. As for your tax ID number… there has been a lot of discussion (here and in other threads) about whether you can use a PAN or not. I’m not 100% what the consensus was.


Yes We Used PAN Details - Go For it


I submitted the form with PAN


can i use Pan card number as a foreign tax number or ?