Indesign text box problem (urgent)


I am having a problem with indesign when i move a text box around normally it is fine and it move ok, but on the file i am working on when i move the text box the text inside move around the box or becomes hidden if anyone has any ideas it would be great as i am on a really tight deadline.

many thanks


Could you be more specific? Text may be set to be aligned to grid or (I don’t know if it’s even possible) text box could be set as graphic frame, so the text behaves like photo and stays in place while moving a box.

Orrrrrr the text is wrapping around an object, so if you move text box over this object, there’s no place for the text itself.


Like Demorfoza suggested - if the client gave you the file, it’s likely it’s an image and not text, hence the disappearing. If it is editable text, make sure you’re using your regular arrow tool and not direct select (open arrow). If it’s still weird, your best bet is to restart the program - if after you do that it’s still funky, restart your computer, because text shouldn’t be disappearing in a box. Good luck!


Here is the problem i have tried making text box or rectangle frame nothing seem to work! but below i just move the box to the right an this is what happened


It’s snapped to grid. Move your doubled text box down and check if the text reappears again.

You can view the grid by hitting CTRL+ALT+’ . Try to resize that text box enough, so you can see what happens to the text while moving box.


Thanks ver much that was perfect, all sorted now!