InDesign Overlapping Text Error


Is there any expert out there who knows how to stop my text overlapping at a few spots in a long document. I imported a Word Doc of about 180 pages and there’s a few spots where the text overlaps.

The one layer does have multiple text boxes (I only expect one).

Happy to send image if you can help.

Many many thanks,



you can make the text box larger, this is when you see the red plus symbol in the bottom corner of the text box.

Or you need to attach text boxes together and then it will just keep flowing on to the next on, to do this just click on the red plus sign then it will bring up a link icon, now just click on an empty text box and it will flow over you can just repeat this.

If you have any problem jsut send me a message though my portfolio!



i dont know why word documents do that to text, try printing the word doc to a pdf then copy and pasting the text into the boxes, word documents are the worst files to deal with and i have not found a decent solution to fix that problem yet