Indent Track Advice.

Hi there. I recently got the following advice about this track. I plan to make it an indent but to do this, Should I fade the track out at 0:25? or should I try and use the last 25 seconds of the track with the ending intact? What is an indent compared to a music track? Can they fade in and out?


"We would suggest you make this an Ident ending it at 0:25, since it just loops from there.

I f you prefer to keep this in the music category see below:

This track is too basic and repetitive and therefore does not currently meet AudioJungle’s general commercial composition/arrangement standard. If you are able to shorten it and/or substitute parts with new developments, we can consider it again.

If you can address these issues, use the edit link to attach updated files and we can consider it again."

An Ident is short clip that is less than 30 seconds and typically longer than a logo clip (which is generally less than 10-15 sec). I would say either approach is valid as long as the quality holds up. It is hard to answer your fade-in/out question without hearing how it would sound. I guess experimentation is required. If that approach doesn’t work, an idea might be to use the opening portion and multi-track a light ending chord near the 25 sec mark. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the info and advice. Much appreciated. I’ll have a mess around with it and see what I can come up with.