Increase in Add-ons quality?

It looks like there’s a really high offer of Photoshop Add-ons since months or even years at this point, could be possible to increase a bit the standards of the products accepted?

To not accept effects that are very poorly done or just a lame bad copy of stuff already seen?

Maybe I’m too high expectation but I think the add-on category is very demanded so we should provide better quality files since there’ s high offer as well.

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Authors here are very good enough to create high quality Items! AND the most Important thing is that There are Envato Team members to review all files. So you shouldn’t think about this. also people (Buyer) knows which product they actually want they come here think, rethink and then buy a file :smiley:

I agree, the quality standard should be raised. I honestly think the standard has actually been lowered in the last few years. I also see A LOT of layer styles that just take a texture from or Google, slap it on some text with a bevel and drop shadow, and sell it as a layer style.

I also agree that customers will buy the better items, however, the amount of low quality items outnumber the high quality ones by a lot, making it difficult for people to find newer items that may be better. People can filter items by sales and rating to avoid the low quality items, but that also doesn’t really help since that just adds more sales to the already established items while a new item with no sales or rating will get no coverage, even if it’s better than a previously established one.