Incorrect information in the music description and poor support

Hello, yesterday I bought the music, which stated that it does not have YouTube content ID

I made a video, uploaded it to YouTube, and I got a notice of copyright infringement.
I immediately challenged the application through the YouTube form. Sent an appeal via the form on the website AdRev and wrote to the author kompozitsii.
Today, in the description of the music is that the music has a binding content ID.
How did this happen? Why was the information provided incorrect? I wouldn’t buy this song knowing it has content ID. I needed to publish the video as soon as possible, and now I have been waiting for a day for it is not clear what, and how much to wait is still unknown. Who is responsible for the description? Why is that? I’m losing money over this. I was promised to solve the problem within 24 hours, but still it is not solved. This is an extremely unpleasant situation. I went to another country to make a video and publish it on time, and now all my efforts are wasted…

Hello! I think that you need to wait for answers from the author, from YouTube, and also AdRev, because now the weekend, probably quickly will not answer.

So sorry to hear that, but have to wait a bit…

Good luck!

Yesterday was still Friday, and I received no response.
Can I cancel the license and get my money back? I was misled because there was an incorrect description. It looks like a scam. I will make a video with other music. I have no opportunity to wait.

You can also open a ticket to support Envato.

But you still have to wait (in any case) for an answer from them.


I just checked the item page, and it is set as ContentID registered, administered by AdRev. I did not see where it was stated that the track was not ContentID registered. Maybe you are confusing it with another track?

Using the AdRev form with your license certificate should result in having your claim lifted within a few hours (though it may take longer during the weekend). Did you not get any response from them? This is unusual.

By the way, I also thought that customer just confused the track and music kit (there is stated about it : YouTube Content ID Registered - No).

mmmhh… not sure you can have a music kit declared as unregistered, when it’s derived from a track that is registered. As it most likely would trigger a match as well. Something is not quite right here.

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Yes. Most likely the author did not know that it was necessary to indicate that the kit was also registered , and the buyer looked not there (at the kit), well, okay, I think they will figure it out for themselves. :wink:

Let’s hope so.

What concerns me more is the fact that OP said they contacted AdRev without any result. If confirmed, that means all of us AdRev registered authors may have a big problem ahead.

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I bought the music from the link I wrote in the first post and yesterday you said “YouTube Content ID Registered - No” I always watch this item and do not buy music with registered content ID. Then I wrote to the author about the problem and apparently he fixed it. The author also said that the problem should be solved within 24 hours, but it was not solved. I sent my license through the AdRev form as soon as I received the copyright infringement message. I still have no answer. I bought the music and got only problems from it. This is an extremely unpleasant situation. How am I going to buy music now, knowing that this situation can happen again? I didn’t post my video on time, which I spent a lot of money on, including this track.

Hmm. Do not worry, but as you said, the author answered you. Wait for a response from YouTube and AdRev. Try writing a negative review in support of YouTube and AdRev (but they have the same weekend as we have, the speed of response from them will obviously be on Monday). I understand you, you bought the track, you are not satisfied with what they wrote to you there, but they are to blame, not us (the author AJ answered you). It is a pity that so!
This is not the fault of Envato!
I can only wish you patience and wait for a response from them (YouTube and AdRev)!
Cross fingers, good luck to you! :wink:

I see. So, the author changed the track status after you contacted them. In this case, you should be entitled to a refund, as there was a mistake in the description. Check out this article about refund, there’s a link there to ask for one.

What you say about AdRev not responding to your form submission (you did attach the license pdf file, right?) is very worrisome, they are supposed to act swiftly. If they no longer do that, then this is very bad.

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If the author AJ deceived you (wrote the wrong description and then corrected it when you asked him he corrected, then the author is wrong and you can request a refund)(Mexikus), then I agree with @PurpleFog, but I saw your purchased track (link in your topic) and the correct description for it (YouTube Content ID Registered) (I say what I have seen), I may not know something. Let them check by date of change and what was changed there.

Have you opened a support ticket? (describe your situation there in detail, they will help you)

Good luck!

I can say for sure that yesterday the description indicated the absence of Content ID. I checked think twice before I uploaded the video, and after I received an email notification of copyright infringement. I also sent a pdf file to AdRev. If this problem is not solved tomorrow, I will delete the video and try to get my money back.

Read my message above. In that case, immediately open the Envato support ticket. :wink:

Why haven’t you opened the ticket so far, I wrote to you to open the ticket 11 hours ago, what are you waiting for?

I’ve been waiting 24 hours since the author promised to solve this problem. I’ll write now, thank you

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