Inconsistencies with review process

Just wanted to let you all know that I pulled a track that was originally approved to try my hand at an exclusive library. I decided not pursue that route. I later submitted that exact same track and it was rejected for quality. Clearly there is no consistency when it comes to what qualifies as good and is strictly subjective. Take that for what you will.

I do not quite understand but if you submitted a track which was originally approved and then removed only to be resubmitted again resulting in a rejection is not inconsistency with the review process but not allowed according to the t&c’s. I hope I have understood what you are stating in your thread and apologise if I am completely wrong in my understanding.

It was probably a borderline track in that case. Meaning if you took 9 reviewers then 5 would accept it and 4 would not. That doesn’t necessarily mean there is no consistency it just means that some tracks are a toss up and so depending on the reviewer it might get rejected or not. Also acceptance standards change over time so just because a track was accepted in the past doesn’t mean it would automatically be accepted today.

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Excuse me but you got a track approved, then decide to take it off, then change your mind again and resubmit it. That’s all great, but solely your risk and decision. To use that as a general sort of argument against the review process and starting a topic for that is kind of blunt.

Well, in that case that is not allowed. So i think this is the main reason.

Thanks for that answer.