Incomprehensible rejection - orchestral logo

Hi guys,

This is my 1st post here and I won’t hide it’s due to the frustration. :confused:

2 weeks ago I’ve uploaded a new work - a classic-cinema styled orchestral logo. I’ve prepared two versions - 1 with a build-up intro and 1 starting full-blown, both in the same file.

Today I’ve got a rejection stating that This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

I’m really confused how my work was not considered on the similar level (or better) to many orchestral logos already upload on AJ? Any hints what’s wrong with my work? :confused:

I think the goal with this kind of music is always to make it sound as realistic as possible. The solo instrument at the beginning (I’m supposing it is a trumpet) sounds very synthetic. Brass is a particularly tricky beast to work with. It’s the orchestral element that I find hardest to manipulate. Is this a sample library sound or a synthesizer patch? It sounds very tinny, almost as if there’s some kind of instrument mute combined with a wah effect.

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