Including the non-watermarked preview track in the download zip

I just received feedback from a client saying they were unhappy that the non-watermarked version of the preview track was not included in the download. Just to clarify, I’m referring to an item that includes multiple edits/variations not that the start points of the preview and purchased item are simply different. Seemingly the client had synced their project to my preview which had a logo version, followed by the full track and then a loop in the one audio file. Once they bought the item they then had to reconstruct my preview, which kind of defeats the purpose of me adding these extras anyway as I thought I was saving them time. Aargh!! :sweat:

Anyway I just thought I’d throw it out there to see if anyone has ever had this issue before. Does anyone include the non-watermarked preview track in the zip already?


They could ask you to render preview without watermark in the same timecode.

I do not include preview file without watermarks in zip.


I was all set to do just that, but they already delivered the project last night!

Hm, wonder if you would get a soft reject if you included the unwatermarked preview in the zip? Think you would since you’re basically delivering the same content twice. Although, guess someone from Envato should chime in here.

I’ve never included the preview in the zip. Never had any customers ask for it either. So kinda surprised actually.

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I don’t include a non-watermarked preview and have never gotten a request for it. But this is why a preview version of each variation should be available for individual download, so potential buyers can try them out in their project. These preview files should of course be produced automatically when we uploaded the individual versions for review.


It’s funny, I never even considered it before but can now see it from the buyer’s perspective. Maybe I need to clearly state in the description that the versions are individual tracks? Although if I’m the only one this has happened to then maybe it’s not much of an issue. It’s just a pity my track now has a 3-star rating because of this.

Boo hoo… Oh wait, wrong thread :wink:

Thanks for the responses guys :smile:

I get why they wanted the preview. But still, feels like an unwarranted review. Giving you 3 stars just because of the confusion over the preview. Hope they change the rating after they talked to you. As you are able to do that.

Don’t even get me started on the star/rating-system. It should’ve been removed a long time ago. Although, as you said, that’s a whole different thread.

To include the preview file doesn’t make any sense, unless they explicitly ask you about that.

I just include the final products in the zip: mp3 at 320 and wav at 16… , never the preview :open_mouth:

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