Including sass or less files in ThemeForest themes



I’m wondering how many authors include sass or less files in their themes.
Is that something that buyers want?
For those authors that don’t include sass files, has this issue ever came up in the support?


I am including LESS files :slight_smile:


I’ve been using sass in my themes for a long time now. Buyers don’t seem to care about it. But it makes development easier. I don’t think it matters as a selling point.


I’ve started including SASS files in final package. Some advance buyers do use it. But not even once any buyer asked for them specifically.


I provide Sass files when requested. In the last year I’ve probably had only two requests for them but those two buyers were really grateful to have them. I’d say don’t package your files with them (as most users don’t need or want them and it causes bloat) but advertise them as available.