Including ads between posts

Is it possible to include ads (indeed any content) between post entries in home page or any category page? For instance, after the three first posts of “Featured” or “Popular” sections?


Yes, its possible to show ads in between the posts.

I can do it for you. Contact me through my profile contact form.


I mean, without altering Wordpress source code :wink:

Ok, I figuredt out:

For example, to include an ad (or any content) after the second post in Flexmag home page, you may use this code:

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
$(" li.infinite-post:nth-child(2)").after($('<li><a target="_blank" href="whatever"><img src="whatever.gif"></a></li>'));

Add a call to your javascript code from footer.php or header.php of your theme.