"Includes Stems" in the title?

Hey Everyone,

I’m thinking about including stems with some of my tracks and I’m debating whether or not to advertise it in the track title. Is this allowed? Is this a good idea?

Wondering if you guys have any thoughts or experience regarding this.

Not a good idea in my opinion.
I dont think anybody would type “include stems” in the search engine.
You could put that in the description offcourse, but i would use the title for important words that you think people use in the search bar.

Also, I think I remember stems are not allowed for music tracks. I could be wrong though.

Yep, it’s not allowed (from the help section):

If You’re Submitting

A Music Upload,

  • You may include up to 5 variations on a single piece of music (including the main track).
  • You may choose, to upload the main track, a shorter loop version, an instrumental version and a logo version.
  • You should not include exported stems from the main track (e.g. bassline only) as these are not considered variations.
  • The maximum length for a music track is 10 minutes.

You could write “stems available on request” in the description so, if a customer needs them, he knows he can contact you for you to provide them.

Hmm, seems kinda silly that’s not allowed. Wonder why. Well anyway thanks for the info guys!