Included in Elements Badge

Is it so hard to just create an “Included within Elements” badge on the items that are opt-in?!?!
It would be much easier for customers, authors, and less misleading with that banner?
Our community used to value honesty …


Though, how are Marketplace and Elements items shared, are they uploaded separately? From what I understand, Elements and the Marketplace are two separate things, so not everything on Elements is in the Marketplace and visa-versa, similar to a non exclusive author uploading their items on multiple platforms, such as Envato and Creati-(redacted)-, except that both the Marketplace and Elements are run by the same company. So I’m not sure it would even be possible to link the two through specific items.

well, not separated at all, in Videohive and Audiojungle at least.
In order to upload a file to Elements, you have to do that via the market.
It’s impossible to have an item only in elements . (See Screenshot)
All they need is to add a “Badge” or an “Icon” to items that have had that Checkbox ticked.
Why generate all those angry customers (see Elements Customers forums) when the solution is so simple?

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here’s an example of how it could look like once you ticked that box:

That’s strange, items on Elements have different image sizing and layouts compared to the Marketplace, there aren’t even author pages, comments, or any way to even get in contact with the authors on Elements, however, it is possible to find all items by an author on Elements by clicking on their name under the item thumbnail. One in particular that I just found has 318 items on Elements, but when I look them up on the Marketplace, they only have 244 items, so not all of their items are shared between the two.

I just found another author on Elements that doesn’t even appear to be on the Marketplace.

I understand your point though, if it was in fact that simple, then they probably would have already had that feature and I’d be all for it, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Another author that’s on both Elements and the Marketplace have completely different items in both, so not a single one of their items are shared between the two.

this thread is a waste of energy, like many threads here.
what goes around, comes around.

Well you now know the fact that not all items are shared between the two, so this “simple solution” of yours doesn’t exactly work.