Inability to find freelancers on Envato Studio

I don’t know if this is the right forum, but I have been trying to get a freelancer on Envato Studio on several occasions for different jobs and every time I send a request I get “I’m unavailable” or “I don’t have the skills” or whatever.

How are we supposed to use Envato Studio if you can get people to the job you need?

I’ve contacted people that have “gigs” for custom wordpress development and none of them can’t or won’t help me. I don’t understand how this can be.

What can Envato do about this?

I guess it depends on what you’re looking for. It’s possible that the project has too much scope or size for what an Envato Studio providers offer.

If you give more details on the project, perhaps a forum user may be up for the challenge :smiley:

Sure, here it is:

These are the main features:

  • The website is going to be built for the purpose of allowing paid/free membership for real estate agents to publish their properties.
  • User login & register with white labeled dashboard (no WordPress reference). Users can register with Facebook, Google+ or Email address.
  • Front end property submit & edit.
  • Ability to create/modify membership options (example, monthly, by properties, special cost for featured properties)
  • Payment via Paypal or offline via direct deposit (admin can activate/deactivate membership via backend if necessary but must be as automated as possible)
  • Mortgage calculator widget on right/left side and page such as found here: go to “remaxrd” website, the fourth item and the navigation menu, it goes to mortgage calculator.

Here are two websites we like:

We prefer the search function in the “plusval” website, but we’d like the ability in the search to choose from “RD$” or “US$” this is because properties are sold/rent in both currencies or one as seen in the “remax” website.

Properties need to be able show price for both sale/rent, in some cases the properties owners need this feature. You can see in the “remax” website.

In the home page the structure will be as follows:

  • Header Navigation (logo, menu, social icons, contact info, email, login/register button)
  • Propery/Hero Slider as shown in “plusval website” but we do not want the slider to show in mobile version. In the mobile version, it will only show search function and properties.
  • Feature Properties for Sale (option to have between 4 to 12 properties)
  • Feature Properties for Rent (option to have between 4 to 12 properties)
  • Other items such as advertising, etc.
  • Footer

As far as inner pages for single properties, this is what we want to achieve: Go to the “plusval” website and select any property.

Let me know if this info works…

What project you want to be build? Can you explain because i have a big development team which can help you get your work done

Have you got a budget in mind? Could that be a reason for not finding someone?

That is quite a big job - I am certain there are freelancers/studio pros who could do it but:

  1. There will be ton of people who offer to do it who in reality may not be right - there is a lot of personal info and data management going on in that brief and you must do your homework on anyone doing it for you

  2. Anyone decent and the right type of person to take that on for you is going to require a big budget realistically.


my team can offer our services and expertise in real estate, we’ve been working with agents and agencies for many years. See our real estate HTML template and its wordpress version that is soon to be published on themeforest marketplace.

The theme already has the features you listed, we can customize it further for your needs or we can build a custom solution from scratch.

Contact us at if you need more info.


I have the same problem. I first wrote to like 5 different programmers. Epxlained to 3 of them and none is able to do the coding job. :frowning:

Hello there,

I’m interested in the job as well. Here’s some references as well in case you need to check:

Facebook :
Studio :
ThemeForest :
Www :




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