In your opinion it is up to audio jungle

Good morning I would like some feedback regarding this audio file to know if it can live up to audio jungle in the games category, thanks good day


Your track is not available on the link, provide your demo

Answer: Sincerely, but I can’t call it music, check out the latest approved items on AJungle.


it’s work hellhat it’s work?

For a sound effect I could not think of a nice application for this voice effect. Especially since I totally cannot understand the words. :smiley:

It might not be that helpful, but I would avoid sound effects containing words, since they make a sound too specific and narrow doen the application field, I guess.

Hope this might still help you somehow. Good luck!

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oki thanks and as mix and master what do you think?

Maybe a bit deesssing could make it a bit rounder. It is ok in general, while I mainly would still criticize that I cannot understand what this giant monstreous voice is saying and this bugs me and left me unsatisfied. :smiley: