In what time do they approve my project?


Hello friends :slight_smile:

I am new as an author in * script development, among other types of software & design.

6 days ago I uploaded a project, a jQuery script, PHP and MySQLi. It is a system of label tags box form of easy integration.

At what time my project is approved, 6 days ago and my project is still under review.

Worst of all is that the uploaded project can not be edited for the changes I came up with at the last minute.

In a new change, or a version of this same system will go to review and if so, what approximate time is approved.

I await your response to my doubts, sorry for the inconvenience.

Greetings regards.

friends :slight_smile:


Depends on the category but as an estimate (varies depending on tons of factors) - this usually does not take into consideration weekends