In search for a solid dev - combining ecommerce and crowfunding mechanics

Hi there.

My name’s Martin, I’m a freelancer from France. My expertise is in webdesign and webmarketing.

A client of mine’s new project aims to combine both ecommerce and crowdfunding mechanics.
The idea is to re-conciliate standard ecommerce transactions and crowdfunded projects : that way, a small percentage of the transaction made for a product would increment the amount founded for the project.

In this scenario, the furnisher for the product is also the creator of the crowdfunded project.

I saw the “Backer” template, and it seems like it would do very well, if that little code hack was to be made.

A rather urgent project, the delivery date for this one is towards the end of this summer.
There’s money to be made for a solid developper.

Thanks in advance for your kind answer !