In reference to graphicriver, is it profitable to sell on?

As a seller, Is graphicriver profitable platform?

LOL good question , it depends on who u are, what u do and your selling potential … it also depends on how quick u need things need to work and what is your “financial target” (also depending on the cost of living in the country where u are staying) but as for GR , this is normally by far the best selling marketplace for most of guys …

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Finally someone alive and not from year 2012 or 1999 -
Thank you for your reply -
I appreciate that your are categorical concern towards sellers attributes; but my question was not pointing towards the potential of seller, infect other way around - … I have heard about Themeforest and its community is very active and their platforms do make sense that sellers are making good amount- But when it comes to Graphicriver,
1- How is the conversion rate ? (after the approval of your design)
2- Average earning ratio for AVERAGE sellers
3- Can we say, that its a stand alone platform for an active full time seller

Etc… etc… I was talking about the platform as there are other freelancing platforms that has huge amount of competition and are very active - does that not effect this Graphicriver?

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Author Fee

Thanks ReFlex360;
But I am not talking about currency conversion rate !!

lolz (its related to digital marketing)
I am talking about design average conversion rate- (how many impression you get and from there how many clicks or buy your product)
Product Analytics -

As was mentioned, it’s completely due to the quality of your products, and how you market them. There’s no real way to give you specifics on this stuff, some people make millions, some people make ~$20. Though from what I’ve found, GraphicRiver is probably the best platform for you to sell graphic related items on, compared to other sites.

Personally, I don’t upload very many items, I have 30 items in the 8 years that I’ve been here. I do one marketing push when the item is first made available to try and get it out there, then I move on to something else. Because I am not actively advertising, making items, or just generally being active in this field, I only make around $50-$90 per month passively. My items are generally cheap and targeted towards more of a niche market, rather than a wide range, so that also hinders my conversion rate a little bit.

In terms of how much of a percentage you make from each sale depends on a few things, whether you’re an exclusive author or not, and how many sales you have. You’ll start off earning a lower percentage, but as you get more sales you’ll start to earn a higher percentage. (At least that’s the way it worked the last time I checked).

as @XioxGraphix said, Graphicriver but actually all Envato sites are best! If you sell quality products then You may cross 75,000 target within 1 or 2 years…

Suppose you upload 1 Item after 2-3 days for a whole month. You can make 1000$ from them in another one month (High Quality Items).

I have seen people, Even I’m follower and friends of many Authors who upload 1 quality item 10-15 days after… and made $250000 in 4-5 years! some are 500000…

Before that approve your items here! It’s the main challenge…

LOL if u make this kind of money, man, you are a real killer lol

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@n2n44 So you don’t know who they are? really? Search there Items they are pretty much famous here…

Many of them are featured here too…

I admire your confidence. But GR nowadays is totally different. This marketplace is fully overcrowded and you’ll get old until $500000.

I agree, Envato/GraphicRiver has changed quite a lot, and has now become very overcrowded. I wish they kept the test that you had to pass to become an author.

People also used to the rate items more, I don’t know what happened to make that so rare these days. I used to get ratings on all of my items, but now I haven’t had a single rating in 3 years, and that was after not having any ratings for 2 years. Pretty much all 109 of my ratings happened in my first 3 years, out of 8.

My sales have also gone down within the last few years. I peaked in 2013 for sales, but then it just got worse and worse every year after, even though I’ve been making more and better items. Back then there were only maybe 7 or 8 people that were prominent in my market, now there’s 100s.

I miss the old days :stuck_out_tongue:

Where is the fun in this?


LOL this inspires me this " this ok , in the end, i do not have so much to complain about all the same" lol sorry for the joke my friend … i wish u better days , u deserve them for sure …

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LOL i am happy they did not see this … i am thinking about some deserving guys would have never been able to make it if they had done, me included , no doubt about it … it would be a selection by styles with some styles favoured over some others , what we already witness nowadays anyways but in a more reasonable way

ratings are not bad a system in a way, though this is not also proving so very much … to be honest most of the guys are a bit under rated compared to their true value indeed as most of the people coming to rate - and they are not numerous no matter what - is more likely to be the people who are not completely satisfied …

sorry to tell u just this buddy - as i know this is not your policy - but let’s face it , nowadays if u do not have new items on regular basis, u get no exposure and you basically have sales that are going to be quickly a mess …

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yeah buddy try as u might to be eugene or sevenstyles, the fact of the matter is that they are very exceptions and that u are very unlikely to be the same as them, even if u are a killer …

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It wasn’t that sort of test, it was a multiple choice test that made sure you understood the rules, policy, expected standard, things about Envato, and generally how things worked. It was a little bit of extra effort on the users side to make sure they knew what they were doing.

Envato markets and the general atmosphere in the community was very different, things were better in my opinion, but with the extreme growth that its had over the last few years, things have gotten worse and the rules of the game have changed. All I’m saying is that I miss what Envato was like 8 years ago, or even 6 years ago.

i guess so … i did take part of it back then but it looks like sales falling from the sky … which makes a very big difference lol i also guess that in terms of community , having a more “personal one” probably meant “closer relationship” between authors , but as for everything there are pros and cons anyways and in this case i assume that the only alternative we have is to adapt to changes …

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I respect all your words! but I have seen your profile too… Just 46 Items in 5 years? My many friends have crossed 250+ Items So that’s why they have so much money… Even now their minimum sells are 300-400 per month… :slight_smile: This isn’t a joke bro! You must work hard…