In progress development wordpress theme

Hello guys

what’s your comment about this ongoing development wordpress theme

here is development online theme

With respect this is a long way off.

  • the fundamentals with typography, hierarchy, spacing etc. all need a lot of work

  • there would need to be some quite big design updates needed, modernization, features etc.

  • I am pretty certain that you will not be allowed to use copyrighted/trademarked movie artwork

thanks for respect :slight_smile:

yes thats why its still in development design need a lot of works and artwork are from TMDB API so i dont think i am not allowed to use this images becuz everyone else use it also i seen some themes on themeforest you moves artwork

**and this theme have alot of features especially in admin area i don’t know why you say still need more **
and there is full automatic scrape system that grab movies and save it

thank you for your time checking and review