In need of help with Inovado theme..

To whom it may concern:

I purchased the inovado theme and I’m having problems uploading my own head banner design.
I see that the inovado theme allows you to upload a logo.
But, is as if the theme does not allow you to upload your own customized head banner.

I searched and I found other website that are operating inovado and they have their own own customized head banner uploaded, so I know it is possible from those other website.

So if anyone can help that would be great, thank you.

I made attempts to contact support, but they are not that helpful at all.

I am sure you can change the colour via the theme options. Weather you can add an image is questionable from there.

Either way you can just edit the CSS otherwise.

What are you trying to achieve?

Thank charlie4282 for replying.

OK, I’m not goo with the CSS stuff.

I’m trying to do what this guy has done with his inovado theme:

Notice how he has to what it seem like a head banner that cover the whole header area.

I don’t see why the creator of this theme did not give a an easy feature to just upload a head banner.

Also how do I get my revolutionary images to be responsive.

When I shrink my browser it is not responsive like the grief website.

Check it out:

For the header you need to add this to custom css (it will be in the theme options somewhere).

.header {

background-image: url(‘INSERT A URL FOR YOUR IMAGE’);


DO NOT EDIT THE STYLE SHEET - if you try it in the custom CSS box and it don’t work you can just remove it and all will go back to normal.

The slider - the settings page will look somehting like in here select responsive

Hey charlie4282 sorry for taking to long to reply back but you are only allowed to post three time a day and I did not know that.

OK, thank you for the advise and I went ahead and was able to make those changes with the banner and the plugin.

Now, my other questions are:

The social icons that are located on the upper right side of the theme right above the search feature. I have that area all in back and the social icon are not visible and in the theme option area, there are no option to change the color to create a visible contrast. I don’t know why the creator of the theme miss that part. So, how do I get the social icon to be the color white with a black background??

Can that be done with a CSS modification? If so can you send me the CSS code like you did with the banner, thank you.

Also how do I upload an image background for the footer area just like in the website?

Any CSS code for that as well?

Thank you.

Icons are images (split dark/white for hover effect) so not controllable via CSS and you would need to re create them all in white and upload them into the theme files replacing the existing ones.

Alt you can add this code and it will put a white box around the icons so they are visible like: which would be a lot easier.

.social-icons ul li a { transition: all 0.2s ease 0s; display: block; width: 40px; height: 40px; text-indent: -9999px; background-position: 0px 0px; background-repeat: no-repeat; opacity: 0.6; background-color: #fff; }


#footer {
border-top: 10px solid #333;
padding: 40px 0px;
background: url(‘INSERT YOUR IMAGE URL’) repeat scroll 0% 0% transparent !important;
color: #999;

Hey charlie4282.

OK, everything that you have given me is working great. I’m able to tailor the theme more to my desire look and feel, thank you.

The header, social icon, footer, and the plugin responsive is looking great. Now I can choose different headers and footer designs. Check it out:

Now, I have another question. In the grief dot com website I see that his logo is in a pretty decent size. Check their website logo size:

If you go back and check out my logo size, it always come out small even when I produce the logo size at a bigger size. When I produce my logo in a small size it still comes out small as I try both version.

How do I get my logo to look pretty big like in the grief website?

You can see theirs clearly. When mine is small to look at.

I spent hours trying to adjust things around but I get nothing.

Is there a CSS code, like the header, where I can log the CSS code in the theme option and then add my logo link with a bigger size into the CSS code so that it can been seen bigger in the front?

If so, that would be great if you send it to me like you have been so far. Thank you.

Have a great holiday weekend.

Your logo is set to max 100% - you need to set it in PX like grief site. e.g.

.header .logo img { max-width: xxx px; edit this height: auto; }

Be aware that I cannot guarantee what this will do to the sit eon mobile etc when the header resizes

Hey charlie4282 thank you for taking the time.

OK, I can’t figure out this CSS code. It is not working. I try all kinds of different ways of making it work and none of them worked. I’m not understanding the code.

The area where you said “edit this” I don’t know if you are saying the logo URL link goes there. However, I added the logo URL link and it did not work.

I have a few different sizes of my logo but the one that I want to use is 379 in width and 104 in height. I can go a bit smaller in width if I have to.

Out of the many version of the code this is how I set up the CSS code in my last try but it did not work.

.header .logo img {
max-width: 379 px;
height: 110 px;

As it did not work of course I doing something wrong in my end.

On your part knowing my logo size can you just add the information in the CSS code in the way you know that it will work so that I can just copy and paste. If the URL to my logo needs to be inserted here is my logo URL:

Thank you.

Your logo is inserted from the theme options so no url needed in this css. Use this in custom CSS:

.header .logo img { max-width: 370px; height: auto; }

Hey, ok, I only have one more post after this one.

I just copy and paste your latest code and it is not working. The logo is still small in the front end when compare to the website.

Check it out:

Also click this link and see how I have it set up in the custom CSS them option area. Maybe I did something wrong again, but I just copy and paste just like how you sent it to me.

Any ideas??

Clear your browser cache - it looks big on my laptop in all browsers

This is my last post reply for the next 24 hours.

OK, I added the space between the width and the px number and between height and auto and it worked.

That space between those area was needed?

OK, thank you. I think I can go smaller in width now that I have a visual I can see what looks better. Seeing it small I did not know that having the logo to big would look a bit funny.

Touch base later, thank you again.

Hey charlie4282, its me again. You have been so helpful with everything thank you.

I have one question that is not related to the theme inovado, but I was hoping that you can help.

I’m looking for a plugin for wordpress where you can set up a personality test. For example:

I would like to set up a personality test. There are five personalities that I want to talk about in the test and set up a series of question that can identify the personality of the person who is taking the personality test. I’m sure you seen this before.

I have created five PDF files. Each PDF file reveals more characteristics on a particular personality. Depending on how the user answers the test, the user can download a particular PDF file to read more about their personality.

What I need is a plugin that can set up some personality question.

I also need a plugin that can choose and/or determine which PDF file to send to the user after they completed the personality test base on how they answered the question?

Do you know of a plugin that can do that? If so, can you send me a link.

Thank you.

Hi there are several quiz plugins but what you are talking about especially the PDF part is almost certainly going to require custom build and set up and I afraid does not sound like a particularity cheap job. Sorry

Hey, yeah, I was thinking about that outcome. Thank you for your feedback.

Can you send me a link to a place where they have those quiz plugin/features that you mention of the top of your head?

Thanks man.

Look on but i looked at how they are created and you would not be able to assign the pdf element to them as they are

Hello Charlie its been a while that we chat, but I have a question. I hope I can explain this one right. When I purchase the Inovado theme it came with the revolutionary slider version While playing with the plugin I was able to get all the timing right with having the text fade in and out as seen here:

Please watch so you can get the idea of my goal.

I recently updated the plugin in one of my test sites.On this test site I have version For some reason I can’t get the text in this version to work like I was able to do in the old version Please watch here so you can see that it is not working on the test site:

I read through the documents and all but I can’t get the timing right. What I want is to have the text fade in at a certain time then fade out at a certain time. While the previous text is fading out then have the new text fading in and so on, Like demonstrated here but with the new version of the plugin. I have 8 layers set up in the back-end of the plugin, so, I would like for this fading in and fading out affect to happen 8 times then have the last text to remain. I even exported the file from the old version and imported the file to the new version and that did not work as well.

So, I’m lost, please help, thank you.

Hey, I have not heard from you from my last post. Please write back.

Also, where do I go to update my Inovado theme?