In need of a software for maintainability & quality

I’m helping a relative’s business to be successful. As for the meantime, she is relying on me about maintainability and quality. But, I can’t do it effectively by myself only. We want to consider a cloud based software that will help the business with standard processes and to put an emphasis on quality system. Can you share us a good software related to what we need?

A software for maintainability must adapt to changes and improve over time. Yes, that’s relevant to improve quality system of your relative’s business. Hence, if you are looking for a suitable software, you may consider which provides a solution in terms of approval processes to ensure that work is kept on track. Providers are many online but be sure to choose the best for quality and compliance.

Thanks for the reply, one question though, will it be practical to get a Quality Management System software for a small company? I ask this after thinking of the factors involved, such as cost and how very few personnel will react to it. The business is only composed of less than 10 personnel who multi task. Any thoughts?