In mourning.

Today is a sad day. I left my Envato t-shirt in a hotel wardrobe in Kuala Lumpur. Now in Bali, so it’s a bit of a trek to go back for it. I think I’ve also left a long sleeve t-shirt, a pair of shorts and some undercrackers. Gone but never forgotten.

You could try calling the hotel up and see if they could send it you :D?

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Don’t be sad, here’s a DIY replacement: pin a green leaf on a black t-shirt, then write «envato» next to it with coconut milk.

Edit: I see that KingDog will try to find you another one. So, forget my crazy idea! :slight_smile:




We’ll have to find you another one :smiley:


You never forget your favourite y-fronts, mine were brown and beige…

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I’m gonna break into the Envato compound… get the blueprints for the building, locate the t-shirt containment chamber, navigate the air vents and maybe liberate some Tim Tams while I’m at it.

Although, it’s more likely I’ll just knock on the door and say “Got any spare t-shirts? And can I have a dollar for a cup of tea? Will work for food.”

Fear not, @SpaceStockFootage! I’m just about to order some new T-shirts for some forthcoming contests. Stay tuned!

Can’t help with the undercrackers however, you’re on your own with that, sorry!

I’m sorry for your loss…:pensive:

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Keep in mind I’m on the road though, for the foreseeable future, so posting back to base might not be the best idea. But if there’s one with my name on it, then that would be very much appreciated, although it might be easier for me to swing by HQ and pick it up. I’m in Bali at the moment, so it’s just down the road… I think Melbourne is next on the list for the middle of October.

Although… I’ll be at Hubud in Bali for three and a half weeks, which could work.

And as a plus point for Envato, I always wear my Envato t-shirt when popping into new co-working spaces around the world… which usually elicits an “Ooh, Envato?” comment. Thus I’m like a travelling billboard, spreading the good word of Envato to the non-believers of the world.


Good to know someone is travelling, enjoying the world, while we sit and hit refresh over here. :cold_sweat:

Oh, I’m still hitting refresh multiple times a day… my earnings dictate where I’m heading next! It could be the roof of the night bus across the border, to a tent in the middle of nowhere… or first class flights to my over the water villa. Neither the former or the latter have happened yet, it’s usually somewhere inbetween!

And I’m doing a bunch of work in coworking spaces, gotta keep uploading those new items! Although it;s nice to be n a new country and a new office overy couple of weeks. It’s not all cocktails on the beach though… don’t let these digital nomads and their fancy pictures fool you.

If I would let AJ earnings dictate where should I spend the night, I would soon get back to Dom with a survival in a park article. But kudos for your enthusiasm and sacrifices you make to spread the envato word out there. :no_mouth:

Let us know if/when you have a more specific date, I’m sure we could sort you out with a tour of the office! :slight_smile:

Will do! I think I’ll be arriving on the 18rh or 19th, but nothing booked yet. Will keep you posted. Thanks!

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Mate, visit the office and I guarentee you T-shirts and swag the likes of which ye have never seen.

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I’m in Kuala Lumpur now. Which hotel is that?

Geo Hotel near Central Market in Chinatown!

Thanks for the offer. Sounds like I might be getting a new one shortly anyway… directly from the source! And then there would be the hassle of you getting it to me, so not to worry, but I appreciate the offer. Thanks!

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