In Magento 2, What Is The Purpose Of Hreflang Tags Attributes?

In Magento 2, what are the attributes of the hreflang attribute? If Magento 2 supports more than one language, the hreflang tags extension can be useful. You need to notify Googlebot about pages with the same content, as well as pages in different languages. Hreflang helps Google rank pages and suggests translation languages ​​for websites.

You can use the Magento 2 hreflang tags to tell Google what language you’re using for a particular web page so that Google can search for the right web page in that language. The hreflang tag is also used to capture simulated content material in different languages. This is essentially an HTML meta tag.

Ranks Higher in SERPs

The hreflang tag allows Googlebot to recognize search queries in a particular language and display the most relevant content to your users. This will bring your website to the top of the list in different markets.

Improved User Experience

Users will definitely visit this page when they visit the website that is most relevant in their local language and currency. This improves the user experience and ultimately makes the customer happy with the content.

Ignore Duplicate Content

It will either downgrade your site or hide it from search results if the same content has been translated into another language. To detect differences between pages, the bot uses the hreflang tag.