in-app purchase

Sorry for this newbie topic

I am writing a PHP script that help people keep an eye on their own and their rival’s websites and rankings and backlinks and DA and PA and etc …
i have 2 questions

  1. This app depends on an external API which is provided by us. It’s free of charges for any one who buys the app from codecanyon . But can it be for a period of time or if i want to sell an item here i HAVE to provide life-time APIs? Robots use resources, resources cost money . It would be great if i could ask customers to buy a copy every other year

  2. The things that my robots can do for this people is unlimited . Some people might need to check their ranking from 4 countries for example . Or some people might need to track 100 sites . So can i have in-app purchases? Like if you need more tools you have to pay more . If yes, does that payment have to go through codecanyon? How? Can i maybe ask customers to buy 2 copies in order to have access to more tools?

Thank you

No, it can’t - subscription based or time-sensitive items are not allowed

This you need to check with support because you won’t be able to sell bespoke customisations via CodeCanyon (assuming not everyone is going to need the same feature). This will also impact your exclusivity agreement