In a very respect ful manner can You HELP ME PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a very very respectful manner can some one pls tell me what’s wrong here? I know it’s quality standard there’s nothing wrong with these files, fully layered. clean …

oh, hello again my friend :slight_smile:

okay, first logo is not something that nobody can make it by his own. I mean it… anyone can make this in minutes even in ms word and here envato team made you a favor because if they accept this you will see nobody is buying, clients are not idiots, make something complex, something that not everyone is able to do and you will se dollars.

Second logo - where is a car ? I can tell you it is a landscape, red lake and some mountain … Logo for automotive industry should be unique in shape (this one is for sure) but should be readable for people, make a logo where we will see a car and I will have a problem to remake this by myself. If your logo will look like a car and it will cost 30$ and If making this in vectors for me will take more than one hour -> I am buying this just because i respect this kind of items :slight_smile:

and don’t get mad, do not destroy your laptop or room… this is just honest opinion and I like your work and I will help with pleasure. :slight_smile:

Gooood luck. :slight_smile:

First is not a logo it’s my Envato Profile name! :joy: and Yeah, I’m not a angry person to destroy my room or My laptop. btw, You said right I think I should make something complex. Trendy. Thank You for your words I appreciate that! ( but just don’t tell me again that 1st was the logo I made for sell :joy: I laughing hard)

Thank You

If you are watching pls open the whole photo, there are two previews I uploaded.

I don’t want to write a book here so I will pu this another way :slight_smile: 252-tb-728x0

this is golden ratio. Search “golden ratio in logo design” and you will see what is this about.
with time it will get you into blood and you will start to notice it.

My Logo Approved yesterday! My first logo. :slight_smile: Thank you ! I see all your flyers Very detailed work, Good job.

Congratulations :wink:

you like my menu design ? Buy all of them, tell your friends to buy all of them too… Lamborghini Huracan is not for free :slight_smile: hehehehe