Improving search for Elements

I love the variety and amount of stuff available with Elements, but finding the right things to use can be extremely hard. Can I make a couple of suggestions to improve search to help?

  1. We need creator names to be searchable, not just clickable. Let’s say I’m looking for a bunch of illustrations for a project and find one by a prolific content creator. Exciting! I might be able to find all the rest by that same creator and have my project look coherent. But all I can see to do at the moment is click the link to the creator and see ALL their stuff. The more they have done, the harder it is to find what I need from them. That is counter-productive for the creator, who ought to be rewarded more for the amount they have shared and not effectively penalised by making their stuff hard to find.

  2. Searches need to be made more specific by adding keywords, not less. It seems like the more I specify my needs, the more hits come up which include any of what I search for. I need to narrow my search rather than produce massive results which take hours to browse.

If these two things can be done in combination, I’ll be able to get through lists of what I need much more efficiently. Without it, Elements is getting harder to use the more content is added, and that can’t be good for anyone’s business!