Improving plugin.

Hey guys, I have just remade this carousel Vertical Ultimate 3D Carousel , I would appreciate some ideas about how I could improve it, I am out of ideas :slight_smile:

Thank you.

It’s awfully slow at this end. I’ve not inspected to see how it’s done, but I assume this. Usually just some CSS properties are “good to go” when we speak about animation. For instance, position, top, left, margin-left and similar properties are a no. Google some articles on that, and use the properties that are processed by the GPU, like transform, ‘n’ stuff. :slight_smile: Cheers!

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Thanks for the tip, it should not be slow, it is using 3d transform…

I can record a video for you. 2x 4k on 950GTX with i7, 16gb ram and m2 hdd. It’s literally slow to a point where you cannot use it. It’s not the best performing machine of today’s of course, but surely is better than the average.


It works perfect on my laptop and is an old one…

I will look into it.