Improving commercial viability

Hi guys!
This is an approved track in september 2016, and it’s one of my favorite tracks on AJ, but for now It has no sales.

I would like to know how to improve my composing methods, how to introduce new sounds… , how to improve the commercial viability… maybe I can do some conclusions by myself, but I would like to get some advices:

  • maybe too much classical style: I developed this and I love doing in this way-- but maybe I can improve in some way.
  • introduction too long before starting the main topic?
  • Too much personality?
  • Does not fit into projects as a background?
  • Inappropiate title? better change to a generic title?

Greetings and good luck with sales!

It’s absolutely normal that some tracks has no sales after year or more.
There was situations when such track has got Broadcats&Film license
So,don’t get frustrated.
Just work and don’t stop :wink:

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Thank you @NeroMusicUa , it’s great to have a forum and share this these feelings.-. In this case it’s getting hard when this happens in one of your more loved tracks.

Hi @Kannonh! I love this track. It’s beautifully written and orchestrated. I’m very new at AJ (as an author anyway) so I’ll just share my opinion based on previous experience.

This is not mainstream classical. It will sound “ethnic” to many ears (due to the use of modes), which would disqualify it from use in mainstream projects. But if and when someone comes along looking for this flavor, it could be a perfect match and you could end up selling a broadcast license as @NeroMusicUa said.

But for the potential buyers to find it I guess you’ll have to optimize the title and keywords better. “South” has a different association for different cultures. When I saw the title I thought you were referring to Antarctica and expected an ambient track for example :slight_smile:

As far as production, the tambourine could be much lower in the mix. Right now it’s too dominant and distracts from the beauty of your orchestral writing. It could be risky for voiceovers as well.

My 2 cents…

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Wow, thank you @FullScaleAudio, for your feedback, it’s great having good advices like yours. I’ll do some changes on title and some keywords… I’ll take a new listening to the tambourine, … it’s an approved track but, as you said, maybe I can do some improvements with gain levels.
Thank you again! :smiley:

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