Improve quality of Support for CodeCanyon Product Creators

While I am all for new authors succeeding, for people trying to innovate the marketplace, and have outlined my views on this topic several times recently, I do think it is important to challenge the context to any ideas to prevent further confusion and frustration.

In the case of your suggestions:

  1. There cannot be definitive / tick box guidelines in a market where there is a degree of unavoidable subjectivity, and where it is impossible for envato to set an indisputable standard. For example in terms of design, basic principles like typography or spacing etc. are a fundamental. That can be a standard but it remains the responsibility of the author to correctly interpret and apply that.

  2. Cannot and should not ever happen for (many but mostly) 2 reasons.

  • Envato get thousands if not tens of thousands of submissions a month most of which are rejected. Lets say they spend 5 mins feeding back to just 1,000 of those (this would not be even close to how long ‘comprehensive feedback’ would take nor the volume which they would face) that is over 2 working weeks of a full time employee. Review times would amount to weeks, or envato would need to hire many many more reviewers which would drive costs/commission up.

  • The elephant in the room topic - the issue is more often the author not envato. If you look at most of the recent rejections (not all) in these forums alone, you can see how far off the standards of basic best practice they are. There is no way that these authors are going to understand or be able to action the reviewer telling them that they need to improve hierarchy, or develop more dynamic functionality etc. as examples. This will lead to an increase in failed resubmissions, delays, and more frustration for both authors and envato.

  1. I am not entirely sure what this relates to, unless you mean more people supporting creators and new authors? On that I would point out that we amongst several other experienced users frequently volunteer our time and suggestions, and in the majority of cases it is either ignored or not understood - simply reinforcing the challenges that are faced.

I’d add to all this the misconception that elites just get approved and newbies never do. This is simply not true. The reason it looks like this is because Elites have invested the time to fine tune their skills and products which is what gets things approved, not their status.

Again I welcome suggestions as to how this type of suggestion could realistically happen and how envato overcome the issues raised above?