impreza theme

Hi everybody!

I have a problem with two of my menus. The first menu is the main menu on the main menu page.
The parts of the menu should look like honeycombs. But since i updated Impreza to version 3.5
the most parts of this menu are no more shown. Only if i hover over the place of the not shown
parts these parts are visible for this moment. Its a HTML programmed menu. Before the update this
menu worked without any problems.
The second menu is on another paige. Since i switched the page to a full width page this menu is shown
no more correctly as you can see via the link.The first part of the menu is shown above the second part
of the menu. And generally not all parts of the menu are shown. Some parts are missing so the menu is not complete.…er_uns_verein/
On sites which are not full width pages the menu is shown correctly but also not complete. In the menu administration
of WordPress the parts of the menu are setted up and saved correctly. But not all menu points are shown and
the drop down parts aren’t dropping down. What can i do to show all menu parts and to enable the dropdown?
By the way: now i have impreza version 3.6 but the same problem!
Thanks for your fast answers!

You should contact the author, this forum is for general purposes and support should be proving by the author.